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Testimonials from Filmmakers


"Stony Brook Film Festival is an incredibly well curated and intelligent film festival.   Supremely well run and organized, each film is shown once in a giant, state of the art theater to a routinely packed crowd.  Set in one of the most beautiful towns on Long Island and backed by a powerhouse university, the audiences are really smart and very welcoming. Don't miss this festival!"

- Todd Wider, Director,  To the Edge of the Sky

A ForemanDaniel Drummond, A Foreman
Stony Brook was a wonderful festival. By far the most hospitable of any festival organizations I've seen. The people responsible for the festival had a genuine love for film and filmmakers. Every screening was preceded by a filmmakers dinner where we got to meet other filmmakers and the programmers for the festival. Alan and his team truly care about packing the theater. Almost every screening was at capacity. All filmmakers were introduced by name before their films, and were treated to one of the most engaged audiences I've had the pleasure of screening to. Highly recommend submitting to and attending this festival.

Internet GangstersEddie Alfano, Internet Gangsters
This is the best film festival I've ever been to. It is an absolute, "Must Submit" festival for all filmmakers. I can't say enough good things about what Alan and his team do to make filmmakers feel special. From hotel accommodations, to great after-parties, to a packed house in a 1000-seat theater for the screening of your film. Stony Brook delivers an experience unlike any other festival I've been to, and it should be at the top of your submission list. 

SevenJames Morgan, Seven
Loved this festival - the format, the people behind it, fellow filmmakers and the lengths that the organisers go to in making filmmakers feel welcome, including accommodation in a beautiful harbour side hotel in Long Island. Extremely well attended by an audience that's clearly very passionate about film and the cinema space itself is huge. It was a privilege to screen there and very much hope to be back with a feature in the not too distant future!

  UnnaturalAmy Wang, Unnatural
It was an honor to play at Stony Brook this year! I could not say nicer things about the festival, it's people and the atmosphere. Stony Brook pairs your short film with a feature so that it is guaranteed a full crowd. The theatre it plays in seats over 1000 people and the shorts get their own personal Q and A at the beginning.

From the moment we landed at JFK, we were picked up by two amazing people and driven to our hotel in Stony Brook. The hotel was INSANE, right by the water front and then we were driven to and from the screenings. It's honestly the most welcoming and incredible festival I've ever been to. There is a dinner every night and then an after party after every screening every night where you can mingle with guests and filmmakers. I've never been to a festival quite like this.

Love Spirit
F estival Formula, Ltd, Love & Spirit

We are massive fans of Stony Brook Film Festival - they're brilliant and accommodating. We've had several clients screen there now, and with some of them attending from the UK they have nothing but heart-warming stories to tell. A reasonably priced, well communicated festival with a stellar line-up. Carry on being awesome!

Growing UpClara Martinez-Lazaro Alameda, Growing Up
The Stony Brook is amazing! The efficiency is astonishing compared to a lot of festivals, the communication is great and the hospitality is even more than I expected. I loved the experience and would go back anytime!

Catherine Eaton, The Sounding

"crazy honored by Stony Brook Film Festival - #thesoundingfilm won the jury award for best feature from a host of amazing films by incredible filmmakers!  the curation of the festival was visionary and the filmmakers were treated like royalty - our entire team was so grateful - thank you #SBFF2017!  immensely proud!"

Jorge Arenillas, The Second Act of Elliott Murphy
"As an independent filmmaker, sometimes you struggle for years to get your film done. Then it gets a limited release and nothing else happens. The world doesn't seem to notice. It can be depressing.  That's why fests like yours are so special. They restore our pride as filmmakers and get us back on our feet. The feedback that you get from that audience, that theater, that crew, refreshes your creative energy and makes you wish to get back home and start working on a new project. You have a treasure there in Stony Brook, and we are all happy to be part of it for a while. Simply put, thank you (all of you) for the most terrific week of my year."

Pavels Gumennikovs, Just, Go!
"The Stony Brook Film Festival is really brilliant! I have been travelling for eleven years around the world. This festival will be legendary. You should be proud of the festival, no…you MUST be proud!"

Michael Ferrell, Laura Gets a Cat
"Laura Gets a Cat was our second feature, and it is so motivating to receive this award. {Special
Recognition by the Jury- Spirit of Independent Filmmaking} Two thumbs up for the Festival, it’s an

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